A Story Of Flight

A Story of Flight is physically and conceptually located in Mumbai. The imagery likens the airport – and all of Mumbai – to a charged seedpod of energy; a receptacle to which energy and people are drawn, and from which they then depart, onwards and outwards to other destinations. The work plays with flight and movement at all levels – from subatomic particles to vapour trails left by jets in the sky.

A Story of Flight is site specific. The concept derives from the theme of India-Global within the T2 terminus – ie, of India connecting with the world, through the prism of Mumbai. The 3-d work – best described as “drawn sculpture” – has been created with hand-drawn graphite imagery on (31) shaped wooden panels. The work is 20 feet high and from concept to creation took about a year.

Some Key Concepts and Imagery in the Work

The movement of Subatomic Particles
Flight, movement and discoveries of particles at the subatomic levels are part of our contemporary world, especially with the exploration of the Higgs Boson in Cern labs. These experiments describe our world as not constant or still, but as being in a constant state of flux and change. This is a reality that I have engaged with, and depicted in my work. There is a seeming solidity and mass to the things around us, but the deeper reality is that all matter is in movement at its most basic level.

Vapour Trails
In A Story of Flight, I play with the notion of how the trails left by particles at a subatomic level is reminiscent of vapour trails left by jets/flight paths of aircrafts or even celebratory fireworks in the sky. There is a resonance with the linear diagrammatic representations we are familiar with, that show us how many flights airlines fly in and out of a particular destination.

These flight trails of particles in motions contain within them an exuberance about flight and flying.

Seed Pod
Another powerful image in A Story of Flight is that of a “pollen seed pod” opening and releasing its pollen grains. Pollen is of course a symbol of flight, it is a messenger, a carrier of information, a courier of nature.

Mumbai Maps
Yet another component in the work are fragments of different kinds of Mumbai map over the years from old navigational to modern Google maps – which reflect the changing history culture and nature of Mumbai as a centre of many different kinds of commercial, creative and political activities.

A Story of Flight brings together science and art as a celebration of spirit of the city and of the city of Mumbai taking flight.

The Fluidity Of Horizons

A Story Of Flight
Medium: Handdrawn Graphite on 31 shaped wooden structures
Size: 240 x 134 x 18 inches
year: 2013

A Story of Flight is part of the public art project Jaya He, and installed at the iconic Terminal 2, Mumbai airport

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