Parvathi’s art practices extend to interventions into her own drawings through both photographic and video processes � thereby creating moments of rupture on the intricate and densely hand-drawn surfaces of graphite on wood.

For the show Mapping a World of Curiosities, she exhibits two sets of work titled Only So Many Times and One Thing Leads to Another, each set containing three photographic interventions into her drawings. There is an inherent if abstract narrative embedded in the work.

You could argue for the presence of diegetic narrators in the works � the chair, cactus, building blocks and so on � that summarise the narrative and also point to the ellipses in the narrative, suggested by the placement and manipulation of specific objects on specific drawn surfaces by Parvathi.

Through a working process that is both spontaneous and planned, Parvathi creates a different reality, another complex landscape. The process is both playful and thoughtful, examining the act of world-creation by artworks that grow beyond the particularities of the original � and this continuing process is recorded photographically.

Such photographic work that plays with actual objects and drawings, and exploit the nature of Parvathi’s drawn images as complex heterotopias defies categorisation as one particular genre or the other, as one definitive statement or the other; rather, the work hovers at a liminal space in-between the hand-drawn and the reproduced, and between our technical and creative constructs.


And one thing led to another

And One Thing Led to another, installed at the show Mapping a World of Curiosities, curated by Ashna Singh, Delhi, 2015

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