Only So Many Times

Extract from the text by Kanika Anand for the group show titled “Mapping a world of curiosities”, at Studio Art, New Delhi

Curiosity- A desire to know, an interest leading to inquiry, the quality of fastidiousness, a rare or strange object�

Four artists discover a world of their curiosities through the insertion or intervention of objects. By subverting the scale of everyday things, each artist attempts to explore a new curiosity � for Parvathi Nayar it is discovering an alternate reality through an animated activation of her drawings

Parvathi Nayar: The play of an unknown landscape
� (D)islocations marked in the photographed drawings of Parvathi Nayar exploits the element of chance in a contrived world that parallels the one we live in. Nayar cleverly places familiar objects like a chair, or cacti within her drawings, a voyeuristic peek into a surreal and rather enticing dimension, of a scale unknown. The fact that none of the photographs are photoshopped makes for an even more perplexing outsider to insider view.

Mapping a world of curiosities addresses the dichotomy of society and nature, of subject and object. Each work is a mapping of hungered, thwarted and teased objects- a means of indulging our desires and repeating unappeased thoughts. The show is a theatre of abstractions, where each object performs a role on a stage of the artist’s own making and in doing so, reveals the fragility of all worldly relations- of power, gender, animate and inanimate matter.

Only so many times

Only So Many Times, installed at the show Mapping a World of Curiosities, curated by Ashna Singh, Delhi, 2015

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