Traces Of Presence, Location And Locality

Technique and subject are inextricably linked in these works � what is created is as much a result of how it is created. These series of graphite on gesso drawings are part of a larger concern with issues of trace, location, locality, presence and sight; the use of mechanical devices like microscopes, telescopes and cameras to see and record the everyday � but in ways that are disquietingly familiar/unfamiliar. What are the links between the act of looking, and locating?

Some works look at the tracks left by particles in cloud chambers and particle colliders. Things that we cannot see but we trust exist through the traces they leave of their presence, by their interactions with other matter.

Quantum physics has re-configured the way we ‘look’ at our world.

The drawings are obsessive renderings that play with ambiguity and familiarity � of the world as we ‘know’ it to be and the way we are told it really is by scientists, astronomers and physicists.

Traces Of Presence, Location And Locality

Handdrawn graphite on wooden panels, centred thematically around notions of scale, subjectivity and levels of perception

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