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A Story Of Flight

​​A Story of Flight

Jaya He public art project, T2 terminal, Mumbai airport

Medium: Handdrawn Graphite on 31 shaped wooden structures

Size: 240 x 134 x 18 inches


A Story of Flight is a work that is physically and conceptually located in Mumbai. The imagery likens the airport – and, by extension, the city of Mumbai – to a charged seedpod of energy; a receptacle into which energy and people are drawn, and from which they then depart, onwards and outwards to other destinations.

The work plays with flight and movement at all levels – from subatomic particles to vapour trails left by jets in the sky.


A Story of Flight is site specific. The concept derives from the theme of India-Global within the T2 terminus – ie, of India connecting with the world, through the prism of Mumbai.

It is a work of ‘drawn sculpture’, a form pioneered by Parvathi as a 3-d work, created by hand-drawn graphite imagery on shaped wooden panels.


The work is 20 feet high, and from concept to creation, took about a year.

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