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Selected Group Shows


  • ‘Chicken Run’, fictive narrative art project based on archival and fresh photography
    for the Chennai Photo Biennale 3, Maps of Disquiet [International, Web-based]

  • ‘Cloak and Dagger’, Zuzeum Art Centre, Rig [Latvia]

  • ‘Lokame Tharavadu’ curated by Bose Krishnamachari, at Alappuzha and Kochi [Kerala]

  • ‘Waters of Change’ Global initiative for World Water Day by Disappearing Dialogues Collective
    with Media Art South Asia, Bath Spa University, House of Imagination [Web-based]

  • ‘Life is Better in Black&White’, curated by Pranamita Boroghian, Gallery Art Positive [New Delhi]

  • ‘Soliloquies’, Reves Art Gallery [Bangalore]

  • ‘I Rise Edition IV’ curated by Arts Houz Bangalore [Bangalore]



  • We Are Ocean by Artport_Making Waves showed the film ‘By the Mouth of the River’ film
    at multiple venues in cities such as Berlin [Europe]



  • <de>confine International Digital Media Art Festival, Institute Francais’ Novembre Numérique,
    France & South Asia, curated by Media Art South Asia [Web-based]

  • Marupakkam Online Film Festival - Artists Cinema featured two films by Parvathi [Web-based]

  • ‘Between the Lines’, Third Wave [Kochi]

  • India Art Fair [New Delhi]

  • ‘Ascension’ curated by Atreyee Bhattacharjee [Hyderabad]

  • ‘Perspective’ Online Group Show curated by BhaminiShree [Web-based]

  • ‘Untitled IV’, PriyaSri Art Gallery Mumbai, Baroda [Web-based]

  • ‘HELD: the Lockdown in words & images’, presented by Goethe Institut [Web-based]



  • ‘Voiceover’ curated by Meena Vari, Gallery Ragini [New Delhi]

  • India Art Fair Chennai International Documentary and Short Film Festival - Artists Cinema [Chennai]

  • 12th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala [Thiruvananthapuram]

  • ‘Anthesis’ curated by Girish Shahane, Gallery Veda [Chennai]

  • ‘Dot Dash Line’ curated by Dr Ashrafi Bhagat [Chennai]

  • The Wind Will Carry Us: A Visual Journey of New Acquisitions and Newer Perspectives
    Sarala Birla Gallery, Birla Academy of Art and Culture [Kolkata]

  • We Are Ocean by Artport_Making Waves  showed the film ‘By the Mouth of the River’ film
    at multiple venues in cities such as Berlin [Europe]

  • Mixed Media Explorations [Hyderabad]



  • ‘Of Memories and Might’,curated by Tanya Abraham, Kochi Biennale Collateral show [Kochi]

  • 20th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival - Artists Cinema
    curated by CS Venkiteswaran [Madurai]

  • ‘Meditations on N-Vironment’, curated by Ashrafi Bhagat [Bangalore]

  • ‘Everything is Black and White’, Palette Art Gallery [New Delhi]

  • ‘Spirit and Matter’, curated by Lakshmi Nambiar [Hyderabad]

  • India Art Fair [New Delhi]

  • ‘Transitional Spaces’ curated by Gayatri Singh, Bikaner House [New Delhi]



  • ‘Horizon: Against Nature’ curated by Jasone Miranda-Bilbao, Instituto Cervantes [New Delhi]

  • India Art Fair [New Delhi]



  • Against Nature, video art show; Curated by Vaibhav Raj Shah&Jasone Miranda-Bilbao [Kochi, Kerala]

  • ‘Wayfarers-recent works by Parvathi Nayar’, presented by Birla Academy of Art and Culture,
    two-person show at India Art Fair [New Delhi]

  • ‘L’Attrape Feu’, L’Ecole des Filles, Huelgoat, Galleries Francoise Livinec [France]

  • ‘The Spoken Word’, Luxe House [Chennai]

  • Art One At Avani [Kerala]

  • ‘Discoveries Beyond Malabar’ [Kerala]



  • ‘Mapping a World of Curiosities’, Studio Art Gallery [New Delhi]

  • ‘False Alternatives’, curated by Meenakshi Thirukode [Chennai]

  • ‘Devotion’, Gallery Art Positive [New Delhi]



  • ‘Madras Jasmine’, curated by Premalatha Sheshadri, Arts Houz [Chennai]

  • ‘Scapes: City/Land’, curated by Karishma Shah [Surat]

  • Make A Wish Foundation show [Mumbai]

  • Form And Function: A Sculpture Show [Chennai]



  • Wonderland, Park Hyatt and Gallery Veda [Chennai]

  • United Art Fair curated by Mayank Kaul [New Delhi]

  • ‘The Material Point’, curated by Kathleen Wyma, Gallery OED [Kochi]

  • India Art Fair [New Delhi]

  • ‘Knotted Narratives’, curated by Sushma Bahl, Art Positive [New Delhi]



  • ‘To Let the World In’, curated by Dr Chaitanya Sambrani, Art Chennai [Chennai]

  • ‘The Secret Life of Plants’, curated by Maya Kovskaya, Exhibit320 [New Delhi]

  • ‘Skin Deep’, curated by Lyla Rao, Religare Arts Initiative [New Delhi]

  • ‘Small is Big’, curated by Anoop Kamath at the Durbar Hall [Kochi]

  • India Art Fair, Gallery OED [New Delhi]

  • ‘Firm Ground Beneath Her Feet’, Gallery Veda [Chennai]

  • ‘B Seventy’, Curated show celebrating Amitabh Bachchan’s 70th birthday [Mumbai]

  • London Universities International Partnership Show, High Commissioners Residence [New Delhi]



  • India Art Summit, Religare Arts Initiative [New Delhi]

  • ‘What Happens in Mukteshwar’, curated by Priya Pall [New Delhi]

  • ‘Brush with the Divine’, curated by Swapnil Khullar, The Viewing Room [Mumbai]

  • ‘Red’, Palette Art Gallery [New Delhi]

  • ‘Emerging Idioms’, Apparao Gallery [New Delhi & Chennai]

  • Women Artists in Singapore, The Singapore Art Museum [Singapore]



  • ‘Water & Movement’, Singapore Art Museum [Singapore]

  • ‘Cinema Verite Redux’, curated by Shaheen Merali, Gallery Sumukha [Bangalore & Chennai]

  • ‘Her Work is Never Done’, curated by Bose Krishnamachari, Gallery BMB [Mumbai]

  • ‘Feminine Recitals’, curated by Veerangana Solanki, Exhibit 320 [New Delhi]

  • ‘A S.Y.C.O’, The Viewing Room, curated by Niyatee Shinde [Mumbai]

  • ‘Dakshin Paschim’, Emami Chisel Art, curated by Dr Archana Roy [Kolkata]

  • Evolution of the Species, curated by Vickram Sethi, Institute of Contemporary Indian Art Mumbai [Mumbai]

  • Search Within, Galerie 88 [Kolkata]

  • The New Order Beauty, (curators Vibha Galhotra/Remen Chopra), Palette Art Gallery [Delhi]

  • ‘Journey of the Line’, part of “The Madras Art Initiative” citywide festival [Chennai]



  • ‘Spy in Black’, curated by Sharon Apparao, Apparao Galleries [Chennai]

  • ‘Perspecta’, Opening exhibition, Cholamandal Contemporary Art Centre [Chennai]

  • Remembering Bharati, curated by Indus Fine Arts [Chennai]

  • Indian Art Summit [Delhi]

  • ‘Gender Genetics Genesis’, Gallery Espace [Delhi]



  • ‘Af-fair’, curated by Bose Krishnamachari, 1x1 Art Gallery [Dubai]

  • The Art of Giving, Arts House [Singapore]

  • ‘India Splendour’, Fullerton Hotel & Arts House [Singapore]

  • ‘Drawing Out Conversations’, in conjunction with the Singapore Biennale [Singapore]

  • ‘Nature of the City’, curated by Alexander OKeefe & Nitin Mukul, Religare Art Centre [Delhi]



  • ‘Soft Spoken’, curated by Bose Krishnamachari, Jehangir Nicholson Gallery of Modern Art [Mumbai]

  • ‘Tiger Translate', Global Tour [Beijing]



  • ‘Nature Born’, curated by Joanna Lee, Langgeng Contemporary Art Festival [Indonesia]

  • ArtSingapore 2006 (International Contemporary Art Fair), Suntec [Singapore]

  • ‘Adventures of little things’, curated by Bridget Tracy Tan, NAFA Gallery [Singapore]

  • UOB Painting of the year competition 2006, Esplanade [Singapore]

  • The 21st Asian International Art Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum [Singapore]



  • ‘Feminine Fables’, Indigo Blue Art [Singapore]

  • ‘location/locality’, Diorama gallery [London]

  • ‘popularart: from Nehru’s democracy to the networked multitude’, Nehru Centre [London]



  • ‘Small is Beautiful’, Familiofiumano Gallery [London]

  • MA Fine Art Graduate Show, Central Saint Martins [London]

  • ‘Writing a Painting’, performance, Victoria Miro Gallery [London]

  • ‘While I was Painting’, 60 Second Video show, Gallery 291 [London]

  • ‘Living in London Exhibition’, London College of Fashion [London]

  • ‘Unfinished’, London College of Printing [London]

  • ‘Xhibit’, The Arts Gallery [London]



  • ‘Zodiac: A Confluence of East and West’, Art Seasons Gallery [Singapore]

  • ‘Celestial Encounters’, Utterly Art [Singapore]



  • ‘Time Cycles’, Alliance Francais [Singapore]



  • ‘Pulp Friction’, curated by Bridget Tracy Tan, Singapore Art Museum [Singapore]

  • ‘Indian art exhibition’, Artfolio [Singapore]

  • ‘Women Beyond Borders’, Sculpture Square [Singapore]



  • ‘A Passage Through India’, Galerie Dauphin [Singapore]



  • ‘Indian Art Through The Ages’, The Caldwell House Gallery [Singapore]

  • ‘The Sensual Spirit’, Galerie Dauphin [Singapore]



  • ‘Grand Shell Discovery Art Exhibition 1996’ [Singapore]



  • ‘The Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Exhibition’ [Singapore]



  • ‘Confluence’, Boat Quay [Singapore]

  • ‘MEH Art Exhibition’, Art Forum [Singapore]


  • One of six selected artists for the "11th Discovery Art Exhibition", Shell Towers [Singapore]



  • ‘Figurama, organised by Group 90 [Singapore]

  • ‘Chitrakala’, an exhibition of Indian artists working in Singapore [Singapore]

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