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Trash Art installation accompanied by drawings, ceramic objects, video

Medium: trash, wood, sand, fixtures

Dimensions: 180” x 180” x 40”, inclined

Drawings (The Colour of Water i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, Shape of Water) – Hand-drawn

graphite on wooden panels, paired with ceramic objects

Video : By the Mouth of the River, duration - 12 minutes 49 seconds


Technical consultants: Madras Terrace Architects

Invite/Refuse created as part of Parvathi Nayar’s REIMAGINED RIVER project – for the DAMNed Art Project at Lalit Kala Akademy, Chennai, 2018 by the Goethe Institut, Chennai; accompanied by Artist Statement video; curated by Florian Metzner and Ravi Aggarwal

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